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Knowles In Ear Monitor Damper, Resister, Damping Filters


Knowles Balanced Armature Damping Damper Plugs Filters

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Product Description

Knowles IEM in ear monitor Damper Resister Damping Filters


Brand:  Knowles

Smoothen and shape frequency response,  various acoustical resistances and sizes

Package included:

1 pair ×  damper  = 2 pcs dampers

The price of $3.6 is for only one pair damper.  Not one box (100pcs/box).


1. After receipt of the filter we suggest you first installed in the headset catheter verbal audition, stuck filter can be half,

must take the network facing the headset speaker unit, you think sound satisfied and advancing the catheter to,

or directly loaded into the catheter after the discovery of the voice dissatisfaction, it is difficult to again removed.

If it is anti – up, take out the scrap.

2.  In addition, if your headphones for a long time no replacement filter, usually for a new screen will appear high frequency

will increase a lot, this is because the original mesh more or less has been blocked, the damping coefficient becomes big,

if you can not get used to the sound of the new filter, you can choose the more damping coefficient.

3. Metal ring of the damping can be repeated extraction installation, the plastic ones can not do like this. But One or two time

is no problem, multiple operations plastic ring will be expansion wear, cause the tool card live wall, and can perforate

the filter.

Tips 1:  The greater the value, the better the ability to eliminate the intermediate

frequency and  high frequency.

Green damper: Suit for low frequency unit, like SE210 310 E3C E4C Etymotic ER4 series

White damper: Suit for high frequency unit, like  SE530 535 E5C SCL5

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damping filter














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