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Ultrasonic cleaner PS-10

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Product Description

ultrasonic cleaner


The advantage of Hearing aid Ultrasonic cleaner compared with other physical or chemical washing is incomparable .So widely used in the service, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, machine industry, chemical industry and other fields.

Hearing aid ultrasonic cleaner

Item name Ultrasonic cleaner
 Model number: 0204003
 Ultrasonic frequency 40,000 Hz
 Liner material SUS304 industrial stainless steel
 Shell material SUS201
  Capacity 2 L
 Time control 1-30 min
  Power supply AC 220~240 V,50/60 Hz
 Heating power 60 W
 Product size 175*110*155 mm(L*W*H)
 N.W. 2.2 Kg 

Operation Method:

1.Check whether the parts are loose after unpacking

2.Place the machine in a ventilated and dry place and ensure that the machine is in a horizontal position.

3.Add the needed amount of cleaning fluid.

4.Connect the power plug Correctly(Be sure to use a three-prong outlet and the power supply has a reliable ground wire).

5.When the power supply is switched on, clockwise rotate the timing button to the required cleaning time, the indicator light is on showing the ultrasonic wave begins to run.

6.Clockwise rotate the temperature controller on the left side to the desired temperature, the indicator light is on and the machine starts working.

7.After the cleaning work is completed, rotate the timer switch to the OFF position, indicating lamp goes out. Turn the heating controller to the OFF position and the indicator goes out.

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ultrasonic cleaners

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